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Welcome to Decatur County Schools

Utrust October Custodians

Teachers Are Critical

Educators must have a deep understanding of the art and science of literacy instruction in order to engage, motivate, and inspire students and colleagues.

  • School Support Team
  • Curriculum/Data Coaches
  • Teacher Leaders

Curriculum coaches can play an important role in developing classroom teachers’ expertise. When curriculum coaches are part of the school’s instructional team, they are uniquely positioned and well qualified to mentor teachers’ professional learning. Collaborative work between coaches and teachers is established in collegial relationships, and depending upon the needs of the teachers, instructive cycles can include setting goals, joint lesson planning, coaching demonstrations, and teacher observations with feedback.

The purpose of teacher leadership is to re-culture the school and teaching in order to support student-centered learning. Curriculum/Data Coaches positions have been established for each school in Decatur County. Eighteen teacher leaders have been added to work with the curriculum/data coaches in designing and presenting professional learning activities.
Teacher leaders will work collaboratively with our curriculum/data coaches to:

  • conduct: non- evaluative observations and coaching conversations
  • provide resources and research-based strategies
  • facilitate personal learning plans
  • model effective teaching
  • implement reflective practices
  • analyze data to determine teacher and student needs
  • assist with peer-to-peer observations
  • facilitate professional learning sessions

Decatur County teacher leaders believe...

  • all students can learn.
  • a collaborative culture builds trust, which is vital to building and sustaining relationships
  • the effective use of data can lead to improved instructional practices and student learning.
  • through peer observations and modeling, teachers can exercise their strengths and provide opportunities for leadership and growth.

Decatur County teacher leaders can...

  • use data to drive instruction.
  • create a positive, trusting culture to strengthen relationships among all stakeholders.
  • communicate and model effective teaching strategies.
  • plan and lead professional development sessions.

Our continued goal is the development of teacher expertise over time, supported by professional learning opportunities in which teachers learn new practices and address challenges that impact their teaching. Intensive and sustained professional learning is most likely to impact teachers’ instruction and their students’ achievement.

Branson Townsend
Director of Schools

Contact Information:

Decatur County Board of Education

Branson Townsend, Director

59 W. Main Street, P.O. Box 369

Decaturville, TN 38329


Phone: (731) 852-2391

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