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Welcome to Decatur County Schools

September UTrust Bus Driver Recognition

Attendance Awareness for September

 "Missing 10% of school days, just 2 days each month, can put children at risk of academic failure.  September is Attendance Awareness Month, so let's work together to help all kids attend today so they can achieve tomorrow."

Where are we going?

The Tennessee Department of Education, in partnership with the Decatur County School System, is building on the strong foundation in each of our schools and districts to realize our goals for Tennessee students. If we are successful, our schools in Decatur County and schools in Tennessee will exemplify excellence and equity such that all students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully embark upon their chosen path in life.

This is our unifying vision: success for all students upon graduation from high school. This is how Tennessee Succeeds.

We have set three ambitious goals to guide our work through the next five years:
Standards and Assessment

We must continue our focus on helping educators understand the full depth of our
academic standards—especially in the transition to new math and English language arts
standards in 2017–18, and new science and social studies standards in subsequent years. This
happens through outcomes-focused training and resources designed for district teams
that connect standards to student work. These should be coupled with aligned assessments
and practice tools that give us better information for decision making at every level—
student, classroom, school, district, and state.

Early Grades Reading

We must ensure that all of our students are reading proficiently every year and that
every child receives a rich literacy foundation from birth. That is the purpose of the state’s
Read to be Ready campaign. This means we must better prepare educator candidates to
teach reading in a way that integrates both knowledge- and skill-based competencies. It also
requires developing tools and data to measure the effectiveness of early instruction and
intervention practices. With that information, as well as solid coaching and training, educators
will be equipped to provide the highest quality early learning opportunities.

Clear and Guided Pathways for Students

Students must be on clear and guided pathways that move them toward realizing their potential and the opportunities afforded through Tennessee Promise. This requires a deliberate focus on student planning and engagement—beginning in middle school—coupled with redefining the role of the school counselor to serve as an advisor and guide on college and career pathways. To ensure those pathways create opportunity for all students, we must focus on rigorous and engaging coursework that includes both early postsecondary opportunities and work-based learning experiences.

*Information provided  from the 2015-2016 TN Department of Education Strategic Plan

Branson Townsend
Director of Schools

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